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Can't you see my tears?
Won't you see my fears?
I can't do anything against.

Why am I so sad?
Am I so bad?
I can't describe my fright.

Why do I love you?
Can't my soul be quiet?
It's so sad being alone in bed.

I'm alone, all my life.
It's normal, a normal fight.
Can't I just let you go?

Being alone, so sad, I die.
Together with you, I'll be high.
Are the stars ever feeling bad behind?

Stars are shining, my tears are smiling.
You'll ever be in my heart.
But will I be ever in your court?

I won't be alone anymore.
Kiss me just this time, for more.
Can you see me smiling in your heart?

Just go, let me alone again.
You'll never be with me, my heart so sad.
You'll never be with me...

I love you... alone....

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