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Don’t hurt me

Kiss me,
So that I can touch you.
Miss me,
So that I can feel you.
Heal me,
So that I can see you.
Teach me,
So that I can understand you.

Broken heart after broken heart.
Painful soul is up the start.
You broke it once,
You'll broke it twice.
See the pain, I feel inside.

Touch me after bringing me down.
Kiss me after healing me alone.
Miss me after deadly hurting.
Feel me, so that I can hurt you.

Inside so broken.
Outside alone.
Kiss me,
One time that will help.
Touch me,
On time that will think.
Feel me,
On time, that i know:

It's only you.
It's never me.
Alone I'll take it,
the pain of hot steel.
Painful in my heart inside.
I will never be the might.
The might about my heart so good.
You have it, so don't hurt me god!

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