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Good and Bad?

See this tear running down my skin.
Have you felt that sin?
You've broken my heart, don't do that again.

I was in your arms tonight.
I let me fall, I was feeling so bright.
I love you till death and back.
Don't break me again, feel the sin.

I wished you would be here.
I wished you would be there.
But you're gone.

I want never lose my mind, but loving you is still a heat.
A heat I feel in my heart.
It's running fast.
It's running smart.

You kissed me once, just do it twice.
You touched my soul.
But loses the right.

Be with me, touch my skin.
Be my heart, don't lose the sin.
I wanna break you down.
Just twice in time of frown.

Feel it, touch it, break it now.
Go away and let me down.
You break it once, you'l break it twice.

Go ahead and kiss my lips.
Just let me feel you love my hips.
I can't go, just leave this time.
And let me flow on my own.

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