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I can’t believe

See me, but don't condemn me.
Kiss me, but don't cheat me.
Love me, but don't hurt me.
Can you see my loving soul?

Hate me, but don't leave me.
Take me, but don't touch me.
Heal me, but don't cut me off.
I will ever love you, till memories death.

Times can be cruel without you.
I see at you and know: I just want you.
The time is gone, I was thinking to bad.
It's the time I hated, but the time of faith.

Sorrows in my soul, deep and touchless.
I can't remnember of this hole, you brake inside.
There was a time, I never wanna see you.
But now I know, it was nothing with sense.

You touched me, but don't know it.
Will you see it when we met?
I can't believe that it is possible.
But not long and the I'll shamed.

Standing in front of you, ever thinking of that.
What will you do, what will I think.
There is no way to go ahead.
I can't believe, it will happen now.

Please be smart, I'm scared as hell.
Please start, I won't do it, aswell.
I can't believe, I'll follow you now.
We'll have a good time.
Oh, I will promise it now...

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