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Kaunis Maa

Look into them, they are just beautiful.
The pain of the world is lying down in earth.
It helps just seeing them this time.
Just a second to know you won't be mine.

Deep in your soul, they are the entrance.
Help me grow around my feelings.
Just a time my life stops hurting.
Just this time, my heart starts beating.

I feel the empty of this words.
I heard them often, don't want to say.
They aren't wrong, but not real minded.
Your soul is telling, and I won't remind.

Still looking through them down your soul.
Loving every memory of them all.
Your eyes, so lovely, shining bright.
Reveals your emptyness of your lies.

Don' stop looking at me now.
Cause your eyes are calming me down.
Loving eyes, are through my soul.
Loving eyes, they are from you.

Green like sapphires this night.
Loving you, they are so might.
Just this look and down from earth.
I'm telling you they know my birth.

Never seen some things like that.
Never be in times of this.
I'm telling you I love you most.
It's not a lie, look through my eyes.

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