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Last Kiss Goodbye

Just a next kiss, just one time
You go away, left me alone in pain
I swim away, away in blood
I run away, just hit the next stain

Just one kiss, one kiss and goodbye
You went away, so far, so long time
It's gone, all hope I had
It's gone, no fear, I'm sad

Just one kiss goodbye, I'll go
I promise to you, I can't lie
I promise to you, no next time
Just one kiss, I'll say goodbye

Just one hurt, goodbye for now
Away I see, just be in time
Away I'll be after this kiss goodbye
Always straight in front of mine
Always me, I'll be the prime

Just go now, go on forever
Let me go, you well good kisser
Take this last kiss goodbye
See my last breath and don't cry

I loved you all the time along
I'll miss you all my life so long
You'll never see me again, I promise
Would you come back for another kiss?

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