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Loving Watery Eyes

Tears running down my watery face.
My heart is still beating.
Emptyness is filling my soul.
You aren't looking at my.
I'm broken.

See my shivering eyes.
They want look at you, but can't.
I haven't the might to controll me anymore.
There's a time you should follow, but you don't.
You're just laughing.

Maybe I'm naive, but I love you.
Look at my eyes an see my soul.
Listen to my music, it will tell you.
Look at me, give me a smile.
I'm missing you.

Don't touch me one, it will be break.
Break my soul, let it know.
Let it know I'll never with you.
Don't touch my skin, you already touched my heart.
My heart stops beating.

Times are gone, my heart is empty.
Full of heartbroken souls.
I had just this wish, don't count.
The wish to follow you.
Never mind at this.

Tears are shing on my skin.
My feeling getting troubled.
I just hate this feeling in my soul.
The feeling that wanna loving you.
I will never feel the same.

I don't wanna go.
Not today, not now.
I just wanna stand here straight.
Look at you and think of fear.
My deepest fear is losing you.

Lose my mind and lose my soul.
Please, let me stop loving you.
I will follow you forever or never.
But don't touch me twice.
My soul run in fever.

I wanna die, I'm not happy now.

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