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Touch my skin, just follow you aside my heart.
Be my sin, be my smartest of all these stars.
To be my man, I will follow you till death and back.
I will try my best, to take you till my last breath.
Last time we see, we were in other lifes.
Next time we'll meet, there will be another try.
Take my skin,  my feeling my sin.
Be my sweetest and smartest finn.

Another two weeks will seperate us again.
Another life, it will be the chance to sin.
There are no others between us standing.
Just us, to feel the heart runs beating.
As fast as we are, as slow as we want.
There are no limits to feel my soul.
To touch my deepest thought again.
You would be able to feel the fin.

I take my parts up your life.
Since month we know, but never met.
I can't say I love you Hun!
I can't say, cause there is another woman.
Another stays so long with you now.
I dunno her, but you must love her so.
I'll cry my life, want to be with you.
But also I know: There will be no chance for me.

Just try my lips, just one time.
I will follow you in death, even we haven't try.
I love you so much, you can't believe.
My tears are falling, but don't want to leave.
The brightest of all stars is you.
To see in you greenish eyes, loving you.
All that memories don't let me smile.
Cause they let know me: You'll never be mine.

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