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Do you see me cry?
Just this time?
Do you care about my feeling?
Care about the healing?

I can't believe, I love you.
I just wanna know, to be with you.
I can't do something against it.
So you would be my latest sin.

Sometimes I'm thinking nasty things.
Wanna be in your arms, be your sin.
My sorrows are loud, my soul is empty.
Full of love, my heart will flue.

About the time, I love you so.
I don't really wanna know.
Too long my heart belongs to you.
Too long, just the wish to fell you.

See in my empty blue eyes again.
Can't you stop my heart beating?
Can't you give me air, breathing?
I was never me.

Take my last breath, take my last beating.
I will follow you, till you try to cheat me.
The time I love you for so long.
The time I'll see you, just too long.

I'll come, stand by your side.
Then I'm sure, I won't be fine.
My heart will run as fast as nothing.
Again and again, my heart will losing.

You're the best of men I know.
Sometimes I think I can't follow you.
Too smart, too tall, my man of dreams.
You are my love, my dream of sins.

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