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Take my last breath

And I will always love you.
Can you see my love, my deepest fear to lose you?
You're taking my last breath easy...
And you don't wanna see it.

If you don't wanna lose me look at me.
Just one time and say that you like me.
Is that so hard to jump over your mind?
Hear at your soul, it will always help you...

See me taking my last breath in your arms.
I never wanted something different.
I wanted never to lose you.
But now I know it's over...

Over for so long...

And I will always love you.
Why aren't you in my heart, my soul, my mind, my everything?
I can't describe that feelings for so long.
Take my mind, my soul, my world.

Take it but not sell it.
Never hurt me, I'm done by myself.
I will ever love you...
Love you like the world.

Take my last breath and take it with your heart.
Take me tonight and I will show how to love.
Take me now, I will feel so good.
But you'll never take me...

I know that... for god...

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