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You’ll never know

Kiss me, just this time
Touch me, just alone
Feel my heart beating for you
Let me just be with you
Touch my lips again and again
Be my sin, be my only dream

My hands are shaking on your skin
My heart is running as fast as a train
I'm so happy, can't find this words
You are my sin, my deepest world

See the stars are shining for us
Look at the moon, it's glimmering so smart
See my eyes are bright as blue
Have you touch my mind in the soul?

Kiss me, a last time
Touch me, be my man
Be there for me, touch my lips again
Be here for you, just to tell the truth
I love you all the time I live
You don't need to love my, I know it's just a fault

See this fault in my eyes is shining
I'm thinking of you, alone, drowning
Touch my tender lips so hard
Fell my shining skin, be smart
Just smart as the moon follows through the rain
And will help me out, out of my pain

I love you...
Can't you see that feeling?
I miss you...
You'll never know my healing...

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