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No Changing

Do you know the feeling to kiss your tender lips?
To feel the pain on your mouth?
To feel your heart beating?
Do you ever felt in love with somebody?
I do!
I love you!
Days ago!
Time hasn’t change everything.
I hate my life.
For that it has done to me.
It gave me this feelings,
with this hard pain in my soul.
I dreamed about days,
like today.
Nothing had changed.
And I am sitting here.
In front of my PC.
Thinking of you.
Feeling the pain again that hurt so much.
I cry every night to lose my breath.
Because without breath you can’t live anymore.
And when you aren’t living anymore,
you can’t feel this heartaching pain.
It is here.
In my heart.
In my soul.
In my brain.
In my life.
Day and Night.
Nothing had changed.
But I hardly wish it would...

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