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Everything Changes

Everything Changes
In my whole fucking life
Some things are great
But the most are sux

I don’t hate it
My whole fucking life
But I also don’t love it
Because of the changing time

Some reasons are nice
Some reasons are thick
I don’t want to change my face
But I have to be in society

Change your life
If you think you can’t breath
Feel the pain and hurt
Feel the luck and heart
Feel the changing life
Feel the fucking dive

Go on and go down
It is sacred
Because it’s a tomb
It’s my tomb
Do you feel guilty?

Do you ever have done
Something really wrong?
You want to change
The can be strange
Because you can’t

You can’t change your life
Only by your own
You can’t change your life
Because of the pain

Love the life
And take ist easy
Don’t change by your own
Cause it will change soon
Do you unterstand the sense?
The sense of the moon?

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