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That’s Bam over all


Boards shreddin’ over the ground of ramps Rights are done an old, told to broken
A boy comes down the street, looks so good and cute Nobody knows who it is, firstly, it starts Done so many things, whole day
“Oh my gosh!” the favorite sentence of his mum
Not the end of the day is come at 12 pm

Crazy things were made, nut stuff not hate Over the wall had ride, the board with the man beside
Love is also deep inside of him
Everybody thinks of him, but nobody knows him

Marriage stands straight in front the door And the bride, so beautiful that day is waitin’ for
Rivers fall down the waterfalls, never a mistake, life goes on
Goes in with every second: shreddin’, partyin’, lovin’, a game
Everything turns up at the beginning with HIM
Ramps are in the whole life, regents his heart And in the end everybody knows who it is, so smart:

“It’s Bam Margera, who he is over all!”

Happy Birthday Bam!!!

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