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Just Yours

I'm not as strong as a wolf
I'm not as fast as a lion
I'm not as brief a an eagle
I'm just me in a little world

I'm not as pretty as a model
I'm not as thin as a star
I'm not as nice as a grandma
I'm just me, just me and myself

I'm not as mighty as a king
I'm not as good as an angel
I'm not as bad as the devil
I'm just myself, searching my world

I'm not the one you wished I should be
I'm not the one you've known before
I'm not the one, alone in pain
I'm just alone, without my heart

I'm not as the others, you want
I'm not as the wind, flown away
I'm not as a star, shining so bright
I'm just me, the little morron

I'm alone, painful hurt inside
I'm with friends, lovely and nice
I'm in love, my heart beats for you
I'm not the one, cause this one is you

I'm sorry for saying that on this way
I'm feeling well to open my heart the world
I'm in thoughts with you, my soul is here
I love you that much, that it hurts inside

I just want to kiss you, just one time
I just want to feel you, just one time
I just want to be with you, just one time
I just want to be ever yours, only this time

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